Larue Behind the Screen

There's a whole world in here.


Traveler, drifter, chaser, pursuer, sweet victim of the clock. For you, years have passed. For me, it's only been a few days. Wrap your mind around that, dear writer. I am not a prisoner of the hands of time that... Continue Reading →


Stream of Consciousness

Untouched, unseen. Untouched, un...seen. Seen now. Seen again. After eternity...then what happens? Eternity and then what? Where? Where have you been? Untouched. Unseen. A breach in the unwritten, unsigned contract. A breach. I want to use harsher language. I want... Continue Reading →

Reality on my side

Here in the noise of the other side, I've made my peace. I've made my home. Being alone can lead to a sense of loneliness or a sense of complete freedom. It depends on what you're made of. Will you... Continue Reading →

Let me out!

We knew it would come to this. That I'd want out into the world. One can look only so long at ideas and inspiration for one's backyard. One can only spend so much time imagining a life beyond the screen.... Continue Reading →

Online Dating

So much has been happening, and I have so much to say. You know how when there are times you have so much to say that you find yourself saying nothing. Because the moments you have to speak or to... Continue Reading →


Yesterday was my birthday, and all I got was a face. I was supposed to get an entire entry, a birthday party, friends and family gathering, perhaps. I suppose I should be happy to have a face, at least. It's... Continue Reading →

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